The Fastest Way to Melt Chocolate in Your Fountain

Sephra Chocolate Fountains are the only fountains on the market which allow you to melt chocolate chips right in the chocolate fountain basin. It only takes 25 minutes to melt the chocolate right in the basin. Sephra fountains do not require any pre-heating. There is no need for a microwave, double boiler, chocolate warmer or melter to preheat the chocolate. Simply open a bag of Sephra chocolate, pour the solid chocolate chips into the basin and forget about investing in anything else.

Sephra Chocolate Fountains are the fastest to set up and fastest to melt chocolate. Sephra chocolate fountains are the ONLY fountains which are Sanitation Certified and ONLY fountains which are Electrically Certified. Only RoHS fountains and Sephra has the best chocolate fountain warranty.

Set yourself up for success! Sephra Chocolate Fountains

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